Serenity for Youth Publishing, LLC

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Serenity for Youth Publishing, LLC, began in 2020 to create a platform for educating the community on mental health and therapy. Normalizing discussions on mental health, wellness, and psychiatric treatment remain a core goal and vision of Dr. Piersaint, founder and owner of Serenity for Youth Publishing, LLC.


Serenity for Youth Publishing aims to provide the community - youth, young adults, clinical providers, adults, educators, those who work with children, with tools to promote and support healthy conversations around self-worth, self-care, mental illness, coping skills, and more. 

New Release

The My Brown Girl Journal ™ Inspirational Edition for Mature Women blends Psychology with Spirituality. This is a 30-day, 100-page journal that walks you through mental, financial, and spiritual reflective prompts and activities to address the root of thoughts that often cause increased frustration, stress, and thoughts that hold you back. 

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